-Oh my God! You have to try this guy’s blood. It’s intoxicating.
-Which one?
-The chubby guy near the barbeque.
-He’s not wearing Off is he? Not that it’s going to stop me, but that stuff makes my eyes water.
-No. But he does have one of those swatter thingies. And he’s quicker than he looks.
-That’s fine. I love a good challenge.

(Flies around for a while)

-Ok, I’ve got it. You go buzz around his ear and distract him, then I’ll fly in and sneak a quick taste?
-Alright, let’s do this.

(Shortly after)

-You know, I didn’t believe you, but that stuff was really good.
-I know. I’m still buzzed.
-And look at him, scratching away. That shit never gets old. You know who would love this? Jerry. We should go get him.

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One Response to “Mosquitoes”

  1. Sam Says:

    Ha. Interesting perspective. Funny too.

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