Letters I’m considering putting after my name to make myself seem more important.

AD – Has a bit of a Biblical connotation to it, which doesn’t really mean anything to me, but people may find it intriguing. Could also stand for Awesome Dude.

LMNOP – No particular reason or deeper meaning here, I simply like the way it rolls off the tongue. Also, it could be seen as an extremely important title no one has heard of yet.

B.A. – This one has many uses. I actually have a B.A, and, the Best Ass (at least according to my wife.) Being Awesome works, too.

SAD – Seriously Awesome Dude. I know, I know, at first glance, people will think I’m sad. But, when they learn what the acronym really means, they’ll be pleasantly (or awesomely) surprised.

PhE – Pretty Hot Eh. I like this one. It’s a nod to both my handsome appearance and Canadian heritage. Although, I need to make sure it’s taken as statement not a question.

DJ – Yup, you guessed it, I’m also a DJ. I thought I’d shake things up and put it after my name. So now it’s like I’m an accredited DJ. Rock on!

Xbox – I’ve got one and I’m awesome at it so, hey, why not?

Dr.P or DRP – I love Dr. Pepper–the pop and the shooter. Plus, I’ve always wanted to be a fake doctor, à la Dr.Dre.

Z – There’s really nothing to this one. I just like saying zed. And it’s another nod to my proud Canadian heritage. On second thought, it does seem somewhat mysterious.

LTD. – Likes to Drink. That about sums it up. Also works in that I’m a limited company of wickedness.

LOL – Yes, I’ve been known to make people laugh out loud. I also needed something to attract all those zany kids who speak the language of TXT.

ESQ. – Granted I’m not an attorney, but the Brits use it to donate social status–which makes it perfect for my cause. (I’m very popular, in case you’re wondering.) Plus, I’ve got an ESQ. watch, so I figure I’m entitled.

& Sons – I don’t have any but it sounds so distinguished, doesn’t it?

For more ideas (both drunken and sober) on how you can be more awesome and smarterer, check out www.ideadrunk.com

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One Response to “Letters I’m considering putting after my name to make myself seem more important.”

  1. BeelzeBob Says:

    No Q?

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