NEW COLUMN on Free The Unicorns

Dearest Friends,

I’m very excited to announce the introduction of a new weekly column to Free The Unicorns.

Beginning next Monday October 20th, “Ask a douche bag”, featuring the douche bag from The Hills, Kriss Angel, Joe Francis a.k.a. Mr. Girls Gone Wild, and Brandon Davis (some rich schmuck), will go live. Each week one of this douchesicles will answer any and all of your questions about douchebaggery.

Please make sure to submit your questions to prior to the Monday of every week.

Thank you and enjoy.

2 Responses to “NEW COLUMN on Free The Unicorns”

  1. Christian Says:

    Where do we email our questions?

  2. chowner Says:

    Thank you for pointing out my oversight. Questions for the douche bags can be sent to the email in the post.

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