Daily Planet: Behind The Scenes

JIMMY OLSEN: Clark, can we talk?
CLARK KENT: Sure Jimmy. What’s on your mind?
JIMMY: It’s about Superman. Can we go somewhere private?
(They step into an office.)
CLARK: Look, if this about you not getting a byline for the recent exclusive, I can talk to Perry and make sure he knows you helped me out.
JIMMY: No. That’s not it. I’m working on something bigger.
CLARK: Bigger than Superman’s love life? I don’t know about that Jimmy. But run it by me anyway.
JIMMY: I know who he is.
CLARK: (gasps) You what!?!… I don’t… um… wow, that’s interesting. How much do you know?
JIMMY: Well, I’ve been doing some serious digging Clark. I know everything.
JIMMY: Are you ok?
CLARK: …I need a minute.
JIMMY: Sure.
CLARK: Wow… I… uh… I don’t know what to say. I mean I knew this day was coming. I just never expected to feel so… so… liberated.
JIMMY: That’s one way to put it.
CLARK: You know, I’m glad it finally happened.
JIMMY: Me too.
CLARK: All the secrecy was becoming somewhat of a burden.
JIMMY: (confused) Ok.
CLARK:  But now it’s like this enormous weight has been lifted from my bulletproof chest.
Jimmy: Your what?
CLARK: And I can finally lose these ridiculous glasses. (Throws them down.)
JIMMY: Clark, what’s going on?
CLARK: Do you know what the best part is Jimmy?
CLARK: I don’t have to hide behind this clumsy reporter facade anymore. I’m free. No more running from the crime scene in search of the closest phone booth.
JIMMY: What are you talking about Clark.
CLARK: I’ve never felt more alive. (Tears open his shirt.)
JIMMY: Holy shit!
CLARK: I know. I look totally different, don’t I?
JIMMY: No… yeah… well, I guess. I… I don’t know what to say. Until now, I thought Superman was Lex Luther.
CLARK: Really? Wow… I did not see that coming. This is kind of embarrassing. If you don’t mind, I’m gonna go ahead and leave now.

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