Happy World Hello Day

So, today is the 36th annual World Hello Day (I thought today was the first. How I’ve missed it in years past, I don’t know). Anyway, you’re supposed to say hello to 10 random strangers on the street. This is a way for people around the world to express their concern for world peace. It is a way for us to show that communication, not force, can settle bigger issues. And, now that I’m familiar with the idea, I think it’s pretty awesome. But here’s the thing: I live in the Toronto, one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world, so what happens if someone doesn’t speak English? (Very possible.) Even worse, what happens if hello is a terribly offensive word in their language? Let me present you with a scenario.

ME: Hello.
THEM: (Angry, questioning stare)
ME: Hell-o. (Said very slowly as I mouth out the word)
THEM: (Eyes burning with rage)
THEM: (Angry tirade in a language I don’t understand)
THEM: (Continue screaming while they chase me with a cane [if they don’t have a cane, any other random item to beat me with will do] and try to hurt me)

So, as you can see how, good intentions aside, World Hello day may not be the best thing for me to participate in. Maybe I’ll just wave at people (you know, the way Queen Elizabeth waves at her minions) or bow like a samurai (I’ve always wanted a samurai sword).

I hope you all have a great World Hello Day, and make some new friends. For those living in multi-cultural cities, I hope my tips will keep you from getting chased, beaten or shot.


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