Potential Epitaphs


See you in Hell.
I’m going to haunt your ass.
Died fucking.
No thanks.
I see living people.
Where am I?
Gone to lunch. Back in 5 minutes.
Allergic to flowers. But weed is appreciated.
Pour out some beer home boy.
X marks the spot.
Jesus doesn’t love me.
Don’t go there.
I would kill for a drink.
Buried treasure. Keep digging.
You’re stepping on my foot.
Fuck off.
Do you have any peanut butter?
Don’t make me roll over.
Je ne sais quoi.
How about a mouth hug?
Free at last.
Don’t feel bad, your time is coming.
Stop crying you pussy.


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5 Responses to “Potential Epitaphs”

  1. Chelle B. Says:

    How about a mouth hug?

    Bwahaha that is my favorite. What? Don’t judge me. 🙂

  2. Adam Says:

    How about Billy Zane’s epitaph:

    Here lies the biggest suck that ever did suck.

  3. chowner Says:

    Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll buy the plot next to Billy Zane, then I’ll paraphrase an old t-shirt line I wrote: I’m buried next to stupid (of course, there will an arrow on my tombstone pointing at Billy Zane’s).

  4. Heather Says:

    Some of these are hilarious. I think I will have You’re stepping on my foot.

  5. BeelzeBob Says:

    How about ” I can see up your skirt”?

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