Hot cartoon chicks I would totally do if I were a cartoon character.


Storm from X-Men. She controls my temperature and weather.


Scarlett from G.I. Joe. A hottie who can kick some serious ass. Sweet.


Daphne from Scooby doo. She’s a Prom Queen (I think). Regardless, she’s hot. And totally doable.


Teela from He-man. There’s always gotta be a slutty one.


Ariel, The Little Mermaid. She’s just plain cute.


Cheetara from Thundercats. Animal instincts. What else can I say.


Snow White. The original hot cartoon chick.


Jasmine from Aladdin. She’s a frickin’ princess and she’s sexy. Nuff said.


April from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She’s a looker and she knows the Turtles. Cool in my books.


Jessica Rabbit. The Marilyn Monroe of cartoons. Va-va-voom.


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26 Responses to “Hot cartoon chicks I would totally do if I were a cartoon character.”

  1. John J Savo, the Authoring Auctioneer Says:

    I don’t know about Ariel. It would be hard to find her naughty place since she would smell like fish all over her body…

    And what about Catwoman from Batman? Now that’s a hottie.

  2. chowner Says:

    “I don’t know about Ariel. It would be hard to find her naughty place…”

    True. But she may be talented in other areas.

  3. Wow Says:

    You are pathetic. ‘Nuff said.

    • chowner Says:

      If by pathetic you mean hilarious in a warped kind of way, then thank you very much for your kind words.

      I always love hearing from my fans. Please come again soon.

  4. Zero Says:

    Jasmine deffinately. She seems naughty.
    I loves me some Middle Eastern girls.
    I know she’s a video game, but i’d like to add Laura Croft from TombRaider.

  5. Alan Says:


  6. Leon Says:

    To do Storm you’d have to become Forge, to do Scarlett of course you’d have to be Duke. To do Daphne you’d have to become Fred (I think we all got a Freddy Jones in us), to do Teela, well, you’d have to be He-man which is a tall order! To do Jessica you’d have to be funny, thus Roger baby. To do Jasmine you’d have to get a hold of a magic lamp and do your Alladin thing, to do Ariel you’ll have to be a dashing open-minded prince, to do Cheetarah I think you have to become invisible and fight like a thundercat (Tygra was often romancing w/her right?)

    Hot chicks deserve big boys, and why not? Men, and girls, can be as big and beautiful as they imagine and visualize. Aim high, sky’s the limit. Up, up and awayyy! 🙂

  7. annahSz Says:

    i love the little mermaid

  8. Oujisama Says:

    Aren’t we forgetting the original ‘sexy’ cartoon girl, Betty Boop? Not that most of us would probably find her that doable today, but still. Just saying….

    @Leon. So what would you need to be to do Snow White? Grumpy?

  9. Oh myyy, Says:

    kay so,
    As a teenager, this is totallly effin disgusting.
    Like, these are cartoons first off, looking at them cause you cannot “do” any real women?
    second off, some of these little girls look up to,
    for example, Snow White. Deff my favorite. But im looking her up cause i need to finish a project for Art, it’s totally disturbing.
    You my friend, definitely need a life, and to grow the fck up.

    • chowner Says:

      Yo Dog,

      First of all, thanks for upping my comment count.

      Second, I’m sorry that you don’t possess the imagination required to see how awesome it would be to do these cartoon chicks. Because, if I were a cartoon character, like I stated in the title of this post, damn I would be all about doing these fine animated ladies.

      Roman numeral three, I can’t believe you’re suggesting I need to grow up. That’s just plain mean.

      Finally, to answer your question, I actually have “done” a real women once in my lifetime. In case you’re wondering, it was my wife. But we only “did it” for the purpose of procreating.

      I look forward to your return to Free The Unicorns and hope that my Snow White picture was instrumental in helping you complete your art project.

      Ta ta for now,

  10. Oh myyy, Says:

    And oh man oh man, i forgot to mention.
    the rest of you that agree with this person, are retards.
    and “clowner” dont even go all cocky on my ass like you did to the person who said your pathetic. Clearly that person and I are on the same page, the rest of you, are genuinely sick.
    THESE ARE CHARACTERS. NOT REAL PEOPLE. And its sooo wrong of you people to talk about fucking them.
    c’mon, giive it up.

  11. Oh myyy, Says:

    I meant Chowner…**

  12. oh myyy needs to get in the kitchen and make me some pyyy Says:

    lol at oh myy, what a dumb bitch.

  13. Natasja Says:

    Now, I don’t know what you are all complaining about? These girls are totally hot AND they don’t get offended by us talking about it! It’s practically perfect. And Lara Croft is soo on my list to. As is that cute girl from Quest for Camelot. 😀

  14. Oh myyy, Says:

    you guys are deffff fucked. these are cartoon characters. get a life.
    and fuck off, call me a fuckoff, callin ME a dumb bitch?
    and I don’t need to get in any kitchen and MAKE yooou anything, go play COD.

  15. Oh myyy, Says:

    and your picture was a help, thank yoou. but your guy’s comments are dumbb.

  16. ChazyXLpGd Says:

    oh myyy or whatever your name i dont care ya, seriously, fuck off. if you think these people comments are dumb, so why the hell you still commenting on this page? this dude who made this page just for his imagination, for fun. you, who doesnt really understand about this, better you fuck off.

  17. Bud Murray Says:

    You’ve totally left out Blondie, Dagwood’s wife. The finest body of my pubescence. I thought I made up Free the Unicorns until today. As long as the motivation remains noble credit is irrelevant. My belief is that Free the Unicorns is the Karmic antithesis of the Tea Party and so must grow. Also possibly the comic antithesis.

  18. Grits Says:

    You overwhelmingly have a thing for redheads (and who can argue?).

  19. I Says:

    Holly Wood from Cool World tops all…maybe not Jessica Rabbit but a close second for sure..

  20. Star Marie Hollond Says:

    Personally i love Holly Wood from Cool World!

  21. I.P.often Says:

    I would spray my ink over everyone of these smokin hott doodles, then give her an eraser to clean herself up….

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