My HOT list: 25 things to look out for in 2009

Eyeball whitening
Men in wigs
Humor Bloggers dot com
Giving directions by Latitude and Longitude
The 4-piece bikini
Befriending Russian Oligarchs then conning them out of millions and getting away with it
Manure generated energy
Invisible wrapping paper
The Scandinavian porn star diet
Irony (Ironic t-shirts not included)
San Dimas High School football
Finger hair waxing
Shame eating
Ambidextrous shoes
Swearing at random people in a language they don’t understand
Cookie jars that are used to store things other than cookies
Faux tiger shark skin hanging rugs
Nickel and diming
Going commando
Long walks on a beach in the rain while listening to “Yellow” on your iPod
Estonian synchronized swimmers
The return of thinking inside the box
A-list celebrities adopting C- and D-list celebrities

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12 Responses to “My HOT list: 25 things to look out for in 2009”

  1. John J Savo, the Authoring Auctioneer Says:

    Yes. Thinking outside the box is over rated.

    And I’ve moved on to Catch-23s.

    Capes? I would wear a cape.

    This list is too satirically intelligent. I love it. You’ve been stumbled.

  2. John J Savo, the Authoring Auctioneer Says:

    Just notice the url for my website was wrong…

  3. chowner Says:

    Catch-23s. I like that. I think I’ll give them a try.

  4. marvelgoose Says:

    Great List with some really inventive stuff!

    I like eyeball whitening.

    How about “Spermx Wipes”? I mean, they have everything else in wipe form these days.

  5. tiggyblogwp Says:

    Thank goodness – a return to thinking inside the box! That outsidey thing just made me queasy.

  6. Unfinished Rambler Says:

    I like the ambidextrous shoes, especially in the winter. For some reason, I always get confused with snowboots and stuff like that. I know, odd, but I do.

  7. thinkinfyou Says:

    OK,explain to me where the other two pieces of the bikini will go?

    Love the list!!
    Happy New Year!!

  8. hawaiianpun Says:

    Wait, I’ve been going commando for years! Does that mean I’m ahead of the curve? I’m like Nostradamus or something.

    • chowner Says:

      You, my friend, are definitely ahead of the curve.

      I should also mention that a big part of the commando trend this year is finally being proud and telling the world about it.

  9. chat blanc Says:

    argh! when are the A list celebs going to start adopting thirty-something, poor, white girls like me?? I guess my year’s goin’ in the crapper.

  10. Phoenixawakened Says:

    if you don’t have white eyeballs, you have bigger problems than whitening them. My new trend involves Jack and work coming together at last.

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