Jeopardy categories I would totally dominate

Euphemisms for marijuana
Inappropriate language to use in front of children
Things you’ve done that have resulted in your being fired
Places you’ve bounced a check
Sentences that end in “FUCK ME”
Films starring Steven Seagal
Types of sandwiches
Displays of affection your wife isn’t comfortable with in public
Bars you’ve been kicked out of for being way too drunk
Courses you’ve taken at summer school
Bad advice both given and received
Reasons you’re in therapy
Unacceptable behaviour at Sunday Mass
Potent Potables

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14 Responses to “Jeopardy categories I would totally dominate”

  1. VE Says:

    I can dominate:
    Women I have slept with
    Foods with no nutritional value

    And I think I can take you in the category of things ending in fuck you!

  2. Unfinished Rambler Says:

    Flavors of ice cream for $400, Chowner. 😉

  3. Chelle B. Says:

    Ooooh! I could clean your plate in:

    Things that go “bump” under the wheels of a monster truck
    Do you really want to know what was in that taco?
    Squeaky clean words that sound dirrrrrty
    How to offend the masses without saying a word

    This is fun!! 🙂

  4. hereinfranklin Says:

    How about sentences that begin with “fuck me”? To wit: Fuck me running. Fuck me sideways. You get the picture.

    And, as someone who has auditioned for Jeopardy (and passed), I regret that none of your categories were in the mock game we played.

  5. Ghost of Keywork Says:

    Mostly, I’m going with ‘I’m your new blogstalker’. Wait, that’s kinda creepy. Hi, I’m Ghost of Keywork, and I want to come over and help you empty out your liquor cabinet. Also, I can help with your beers. Seriously, I’ll play the game:

    All Things Stone Temple Pilots
    Inappropriate Places To Have Sex. Twice.
    How To Break Up Families And Feel Good About It.
    Everclear: Friend or Friend?

  6. Ghost of Keywork Says:


    How To Make A Hooker Into A Housewife.

  7. John J Savo, the Authoring Auctioneer Says:

    “I’ll take ‘Porn Whores’ for 200, Alex.”

  8. Mike Says:

    Failed attempts at threesomes with hot twins.

  9. pepper Says:

    are those real or can I tip with fake money

  10. Captain Crimson Says:

    Ill take anal bum covers for 300 alex

  11. chat blanc Says:

    excellent categories!! hahaha!

  12. unduk Says:

    nice article!
    Much food for thought…
    It really made my day.
    Thank you.

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