Other things to do with your hands when you throw them in the air besides waving them like you just don’t care

Raise the roof
Flip the bird
Fix your hair
Spark your lighter
Hold a runner at third base
Flash the peace sign
Praise the Lord, Hallelujah
Pump your fist
Shine a flashlight in someone’s eyes
Thumbs up
Dramatically unsheathe a sword
Pour one out for your homies who can’t be here
Slap a really tall person in the face

16 Responses to “Other things to do with your hands when you throw them in the air besides waving them like you just don’t care”

  1. Margaret (Nanny Goats) Says:

    Two things:

    1. This post is awesome, I’m stumbling it.
    2. I can’t find your Blogger’s Choice awards badge. Where is it?

  2. moooooog35 Says:

    I see that masturbation is disturbingly left off this list.

    It’s okay. I think you have time to redo it.

  3. Trysh Says:

    What about the sneak armpit check? You know the one, where you pretend to yawn and stretch or play with your hair but you’re really seeing if you put on deoderant?

    Hope this day finds you with your hands in the air, smelling yourself

  4. Shawn Says:

    Spark your lighter? While I wholeheartedly support a return to this, I’m afraid the in vogue thing now is holding your cell phone open. It’s teh suck, but it’s true.

  5. chowner Says:

    Nanny Goats: Thank you, two times.

    Moooooog: I’ll make an addition to my list once I figure out how to masturbate with my hands in the air.

    Trysh: My bad. To make up for my omission, I’ll have to sniff my pits in public tonight.

    Shawn: I know, I know. I’m living in the past.

  6. marymoo24 Says:

    How about pick your nose if your head is held high? AND, AND scratching your butt whilst you complete a headstand!!!

  7. unfinishedrambler Says:

    I came late to the Stumble party, but definitely a Stumble-worthy post as most of yours are, well, except for that…

    …well, I’ll leave you guessing. 🙂

  8. chowner Says:

    marymoo: My wife tells me I pick my nose in public too much, so I’m working on eliminating that habit. Otherwise it would have been on the list.

    Rambler: Thanks, but damn you. Now I’m curious.

  9. ettarose Says:

    Great post! I guess you could scratch behind your ear or golf clap. Lame I know.

  10. Douglas Says:

    1) You could catch a falling star but you could NOT put it in your pocket.
    2) You could probably hoist. I do a lot of my best hoisting from that position.
    3) Swat away those damn planes that keep trying to knock you off the Empire State Building.
    4) Surrender to all those guys shining red dots on your forehead.
    5) Signal to the captain of the passing freighter that his fly is open.

  11. John J Savo, the Authoring Auctioneer Says:

    How about pull down the panties of a giant?

  12. diesel Says:

    I like to preemptively surrender.

  13. chowner Says:

    etta: I will return the golf clap, with my hands above my head.

    Douglas: Your fly is open.

    John: Boy I hope that giant is down with the whole grooming thing.

    diesel: I accept your terms of surrender.

  14. quirkyloon Says:

    I never knew! I really need to raise my hands up more. It’s so boring just leaving them by my side so much of the time.

    Thanks for cluing me in.

    hee hee

  15. HowToSpotACanadian Says:

    You could also signal a touchdown.

    Or reach up to hug someone on a ladder.

    Or see if you can fly like Superman.

    Good post!

  16. Lady Sarcasm Says:

    Can’t believe you left out the rocker horns! 😉

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