Answers you should avoid when filling out your adoption papers

Everyone else is doing it
I don’t do men
Women are icky
Finding a child on the black market is more difficult than I expected
I’m stuck in a rut
Babies are so in right now
I haven’t had a drink in 2 hours
Octomom wouldn’t sell me one of hers

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15 Responses to “Answers you should avoid when filling out your adoption papers”

  1. MadMadMargo Says:

    No kidding, especially, “I haven’t had a drink in 2 hours”. LOL!

  2. Douglas Says:

    I promise to feed it every week whether it’s hungry or not.

  3. C.B.Jones Says:

    So, in other words, you should just lie instead of telling the truth?

  4. chowner Says:

    Margo: Luckily, I’m on a 3-hour rotation.

    Douglas: I hope babies like Kraft Dinner.

    CB: It’s not a lie if you believe it.

  5. quirkyloon Says:

    “Can we include a twelve year old in the deal? I’ll be needing a babysitter!”

    heh heh

  6. John J Savo, the Authoring Auctioneer Says:

    How about…

    “Because children are so yummy.”

    Great list.

  7. Mary @ Holy Mackerel Says:

    Well, those are a few I wouldn’t have thought up myself. Good job!

  8. kathcom Says:

    “Tastes great. Less filling!”


    “Duh, that’s why they call it ‘child’ labor!”

    Now I’m going to be thinking of this all day. Thanks.


    “I need a strong one. That last one couldn’t take a good shaking.”

  9. chowner Says:

    Quirky: That’s a brilliant idea. Babysitter included would drive adoption rates way up.

    John: Maybe with some fava beans and a nice chianti?

    Mary: I’m here to help.

    Kathcom: Well said.

  10. Shawn Says:

    “Yardwork is piling up” would probably be one to avoid.

  11. Jenn Thorson Says:

    “I’m changing my name to Angelina Jolie, so I need to have at least one child to make it convincing.”

    “The dog who used to ride around in my purse died.”

  12. Trysh Says:

    haha i thought you meant the papers you fill out when you want to be adopted

    ‘this family is too bitchy….’

  13. Shawna Says:

    HAHAH PLEASEEEEEE tell me you have seen this video:

    I almost peed my pants the first time.

  14. chowner Says:

    Shawn: At least until they’re 4.

    Jenn: Those are gold and well become part of my updated list.

    Trysh: That’s what Madonna’s kids say every day.

    Shawna: I wonder if those are Ben Affleck’s babies?

  15. VE Says:

    Excellent options all! hahaha

    I’ll add one of my own…

    Do you have any self-cleaning models available?

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