Song names rejected by Coldplay before they finally decided on “Yellow”

Golden Poppy
If You Don’t Reciprocate My Love, I’ll Bleed Myself Dry
All The Things You Do That Make Me Wonder Why I Love You
Shinny Things That Make Me Think Of You
This Is The Song I Wrote For You
It’s What’s Under Your Skin & Bones That Really Matters
I’m Drawing A Line In The Sand And If You Cross It It Means You Really Do Love Me (Please Cross It, Please)
I Don’t Know If You Know This, But I’m Kind Of In Love With You

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9 Responses to “Song names rejected by Coldplay before they finally decided on “Yellow””

  1. John J Savo, the Authoring Auctioneer Says:

    LOL @ “Maize”

    I hate Coldplay.

  2. VE Says:

    Ha! You had me at Golden Poppy…

  3. Shawn Says:

    All better than the final choice, curiously enough. Who is in charge of name selection over there at Coldplay? Oh wait, the same guy who named his kid Apple.

  4. chowner Says:

    John: Touche.

    VE: I wonder why they didn’t stop there.

    Shawn: I was going to put something in there about Apple, alas, it didn’t make the cut.

  5. unfinishedrambler Says:

    Lemon: I think that was a song by U2. 🙂

    Oh, and for some reason, I always thought Coldplay’s song was about urine. Don’t know why, just did. It could have been about Mountain Dew, though, for all I knew. I never did listen to the lyrics that closely.

  6. hindleyite Says:

    What about cream? ‘And it was all cree-eeeam’. The Verve >> Coldplay! 😀

  7. Trysh Says:


  8. Atomic Wall Clocks Says:

    That is unbelievable and very nicely written. Generally I don’t make comments on on the internet, Then again I have got to give you props on this one. Brilliant post

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