A conversation between Tori Spelling’s literary agent and ghostwriter

LITERARY AGENT: So, Tori called, she’s thinking about writing another book.
GHOSTWRITER: You mean she wants me to write another book for her.
LA: Pretty much.
GW: So what’s this one about?
LA: She was hoping you’d have some ideas.
GW: Again. Do you know how the idea for the first book came about?
LA: I’ve heard some stories.
GW: Did you hear about how she used to call me when she was wasted, talk about wanting to “write” a memoir and then proceed to summarize old episodes of 90210 claiming they were based on her life and ask me to “pretty them up” for the book?
LA: Yeah. That one got around.
GW: Did you know each time she was a different character?
LA: (stifling a laugh) I hadn’t heard that part. Hey, how about the story behind the book’s title? Is it true that you got the idea to name it sTORI TELLING because she’s notorious for signing her name wrong?
GW: No comment.

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5 Responses to “A conversation between Tori Spelling’s literary agent and ghostwriter”

  1. quirkyloon Says:

    I have a title suggestion: Mother May I Sleep With Danger.

    (Yes Tori actually starred in the Lifetime movie and yes it is very disturbing that I actually know this.)

  2. John J Savo Says:

    She should name her new book Why I haven’t Killed Myself Yet

  3. Suburban Psychosis Says:

    I can’t even stand to look at her much less read a book about her. Somethings wrong with her face and boobs!

    Like your blog

  4. chowner Says:

    Quirky: Sleeping with her is dangerous.

    John: Touche.

    SP: Somethings just plain wrong with her.

  5. golublog Says:

    OH TORI such an easy target.

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