Things Bo don’t know

What T-Pain sounds like without auto-tune
How to say no to his Mama’s cooking
Who the hell Paris Hilton and Perez Hilton are
How they put the wonder in Wonder bread
Why Amy Winehouse won’t go to rehab
How to beat around the bush
What’s going on with the economic bailout
The Colonel’s secret recipe
What’s the point of Twitter
Why Barry Bonds head is so big (literally and figuratively)
How nobody has yet to figure out that Clark Kent is Superman

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5 Responses to “Things Bo don’t know”

  1. thinkinfyou Says:

    Well if Bo ever finds some of these things out, I would like to know myself.

  2. VE Says:

    Clark Kent is Superman? I thought all along it was Jimmy the camera boy…

    As to Wonder Bread…I’ve often wondered if you can really call that bread…

    Excellent list!

  3. John J Savo Says:

    Poor Bo…

  4. chowner Says:

    thinkinfyou: Apparently T-Pain sounds like Nick Nolte the morning after a binge.

    VE: I feel like there’s a tiny asterisk beside the word bread that nobody has ever seen and the legal copy that goes with it explains everything.

    John: Bo knows sports, but not much else.

  5. hindleyite Says:

    What’s T-Pain? A northern English expression is it? “Oh, t’pain!” Whatever, sounds T-Painful.

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