The 5th dentist

4th DENTIST: Jesus. You’re killing me here. Just say yes already.
2nd DENTIST: Seriously, what’s your problem?
5th DENTIST: I’m just not comfortable endorsing this product. I can’t in good conscience recommend it to my patients. Or to all of America for that matter.
4th DENTIST: Agree to disagree.
1st DENTIST: I can think of 250,000 reasons why you should screw your conscience.
3rd DENTIST: And since when did anyone start caring about the rest of the country. We’re capitalists for Christ sake.
2nd DENTIST: Besides, we all know you’ve done this before.
5th DENTIST: As a matter of fact, I haven’t.
3rd DENTIST: I guess that’s why you’re driving a Saab.
4th DENTIST: You know it’s anonymous right? To the public, you’re just a number. 5 out of 5 dentists recommend…
5th DENTIST: But I’ll know. I’ll know.
2nd DENTIST: You know what I think? We should load this guy up on nitrous oxide. After 200 mills of that stuff, he’ll see things our way.
1st DENTIST: Or we could give him a root canal – without any anesthetic.
3rd DENTIST: You know you’re the reason the public has such a low opinion of us. 4 out 5 is just embarrassing. It says we don’t trust each other.
4th DENTIST: Do the letters D.M.D mean nothing to you?
5th DENTIST: Does the word ethics mean nothing to you?
4th DENTIST: God! You touch one breast while a patient’s under…
5th DENTIST: You did what to a patient?
4th DENTIST: Don’t try to change the subject. This is about you leaving us in the lurch.
5th DENTIST: No, this is about integrity.
1st DENTIST: Ah, screw this guy. I’m taking my cheque and leaving.
3rd DENTIST: You’re right. I take back what I said. 4 out 5 ain’t bad. Hell, we’re in the majority.
2nd DENTIST: Yeah. Suck it monkey.

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2 Responses to “The 5th dentist”

  1. John J Savo Says:

    I always wondered how that went down.

  2. VE Says:

    Ha! Great premise. I played with the same premise by asking a bunch of rhetorical questions based on the statement but I like this take on it; made me laugh.

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