Man’s best friend

ANGEL: Sir, there’s a… situation in the Garden of Eden.
GOD: Uh-huh. Come look at this.
ANGEL: It requires your immediate attention.
GOD: It’s my latest creation.
GOD: I call it a dog.
ANGEL: Wonderful. Now, if you’ll please…
GOD: Just look at Adam. He wasn’t this happy when I made Eve.
ANGEL: Speaking of Eve, a serpent is trying to make her eat some fruit from the tree of knowledge.
GOD: Hey, watch this. It’s a game they play called “fetch”. Adam throws a stick and the dog… watch this… he fetches it then brings it back.
ANGEL: Sir, she’s going to disobey you.
GOD: Did you see that? What a good boy.
ANGEL: She’s eating…
GOD: Would you agree that they seem like best friends?
ANGEL: Sure.
GOD: I knew it.
GOD: Okay, what can I do for you?

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One Response to “Man’s best friend”

  1. Rosey Says:

    This…this is a win.

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