For a good time call Andi, 647-618-5867

Hello! This is Andi. You got it where? Oh my god! That was, like, months ago. I totally spaced and forgot all about it. Yes! Of course. A good time? We’ll have a great time! Oh, I’m into pretty much all kinds of stuff. Well, I could tell you, but then we’d, like, lose the whole spontaneous thing, you know? Okay, if you insist. Well… for starters, I’ve been dying to – and I know this is kinda wild – go skydiving! Oh, it’s not? Something more personal, huh? No worries, there are totally a bunch of other things we can do. Games! I love games! I just got this new one… Role-playing games, huh? All right. I’m game – haha. But, I have to tell you, it’s been a while since I played like, charades or anything. So… Oh, thank God. I hate charades, too. But I don’t really know any other role-playing games – except that medieval stuff, which is just weird. You do? Great. What is it? Dirty Dancing? Are you serious?!? That’s only like my favourite movie ever! Of all time! You’re not talking about the movie? Oh my god. If you say you want to take dance lessons, I’ll literally die. It’s only like my dream to learn those moves and have someone say about me, “no one puts baby in the corner.” It’s not that either? Well, unless we’re, like, going to Kellerman’s up in the Catskills, I’m totally stumped. Seriously. I have no idea. Or you could just tell me. What? Eww. Is that why you called me? Well, then, you have, like, a totally weird idea of a good time. Hey, I just want to have some fun. Fine. Don’t ever call me again unless you want to do some real dirty dancing. I didn’t mean it that way. I meant like dancing from the movie, which is kind of dirty – in an ‘80s way. Hello?

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