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Missed Connections

January 19, 2015

The red fedora at Waterloo Station

You were dashing through Waterloo station when your hat fell off. I picked it up before it got trampled. Was it just me? Or did your hand linger on mine for an extra moment? I didn’t get your name, but I got a good vibe. Did you, too? We were also wearing the same trench coat – only yours was red.

With flaming locks of auburn hair

We crossed paths at Acme Travels yesterday. You flew in, auburn locks ablaze under a red fedora. You were in a hurry and asked if you could jump ahead of me. I’ve been listening to “Jolene” on repeat ever since. If you get that, I know this is forward, but don’t think it’s too much to say: Let’s take our next trip together.

Stole my heART

I held the door open as you ran out of The MET today. We shared a glance I thought meant more than “thank you”. I tried to catch up, but a group of security guards rushed past and all I could do was watch you jump into a waiting car and speed out of my life. You were wearing a red hat and trench coat.

More than business at the Sydney ports

I helped you unload some crates from a boat in the Sydney harbor late last night. You wore a red fedora pulled low and the collar of your trench up. Even though you were all business, I caught a small glimpse of what’s underneath. I’d like to get to know more about it. If you feel the same way, you know where to find me.

Mile High Credit Default Swap Advice

We sat together on a flight from Moscow to Switzerland. You helped with my crossword and then we talked about investment banking and international trading regulations. Never met someone with a mind like yours before – or a red trench coat, kudos. Anyway, let’s do it again, but on the ground this time. Tell me the name of my firm so I know you’re the real deal.

Let’s have another old fashioned

You were in a red hat sitting alone at the end of the bar. We both ordered an Old Fashioned and raised a glass to each other across the bar. As I started to make my way over, you got a call and abruptly took off. I wish I got to speak with you then. If you remember the place, I’ll be back this Friday. The first round’s on me?

Lady in Red at Deutsche Bank

You needed access to an old safe deposit box in my bank this morning. I found a way to help you. Was there more than business going on? I thought so. Maybe we can explore it outside of the bank vault?